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10,000 dollars -- the amount your group could be raising
Selling fresh Florida fruit is an easy way to raise large sums of money very quickly. Average $10.00 for every box sold. Click here to request free information. Our free information packet has everything you need to get started.
40-50% Profit school fundraiser with Celebrating Home Fundraising!
Especially designed for school fundraisers, Celebrating Home Fundraising (formerly Home Interiors, H&GP) offers Soy and Palm Candles, Gift Wrap/Gift Bags, and Cookie Dough. High Profit, Traditional and Online Sales, Free Brochures, Youth Prize Program, and Presorting by student/teacher. Visit our website to learn more!
50-60% High Profit Fundraiser! - FREE Fundraiser! - Pre-Sorting!
FREE Delivery, Catalogs & Order Forms! - Done Fundraisers in 47 States! - SFI Fundraising has 20 'Perfect 10' Product Fundraisers from $6.00-$15.00! - A SMALL GROUP selling our $15.00 Fundraiser can make: (25 members selling 25 items each = $4,218.75 Profit!!!) - MEDIUM SIZE GROUP: (250 members selling 10 items each = $20,625.00!!!) - A LARGE GROUP: (500 members selling 10 items each = $45,000.00!!!)
55% Profit With a Cookie Dough Fundraiser
Cookie Dough fundraising is one of the simplest fundraising campaigns to do. It is ideal for schools, charitable organizations and church group fund raising. There is no money up front so you pay only for what you have sold. School teams have been able to easily sell over 500 tubs in a campaign. For orders over 120 tubs there\'s even free shipping!
60% Profit! -- No Up-Front Cost! -- FREE Delivery! -- Have Done Fundraisers in 47 States! -- Please visit:
FREE Catalogs & Order Forms! -- Fundraisers: Gourmet & Healthy Snacks! -- Cookie Dough! -- Pizza! -- Candles! -- Candy! -- Chocolate! -- Nuts! -- Peanuts! -- Trail Mixes! -- Dried Fruit Mixes! -- Popcorn! -- Caramel Popcorn! -- Cookie Dough and Pizza! (3-lb. Tubs & 5-pack of 6" Mini, Personal or Individual Pizzas) -- Schedule a Fundraiser NOW! -- Call All Star1 Fund Raising at 1/800-642-4766!!!
A Fundraiser for all School Fundraising Campaigns offers your school or class a wide selection of proven fundraising programs including scratch cards, chocolate, candy, cookie dough, lollipops, beef jerky, gift cards, magazines, an online fundraising program and more! So no matter what type of school fundraiser you need – elementary school, middle school, high school, private school, college, university and more – we’ll find the fundraiser that’s right for you! Call 1-800-561-8388 for more information.
Looking for some great elementary, middle or high school fundraising ideas? Check out CharityMania?s school fund raiser options! Providing unique fundraisers based on your favorite sports, our fundraisers are fun, easy-to-manage and very profitable. Have fun while raising money and keep over 70% of what you collect! Don?t delay, start your CharityMania school fundraiser today! 888-909-9994
Cookie Dough Fundraiser $5.00 per 3lb Tub, Delivered!
Cookie dough only $5.00 per tub delivered. Make up to 60% Profit on our 12 varieties of cookie dough with a minimum order of only 134 items. Buy direct from the Cookie Dough Manufacturer, not the fundraising middleman.
Everything sells for $5!
Free Shipping - Free Brochures - Incentives Available Everything sells for $5 with our Snack Favorites colorful brochure. Your Group Profits 50%. Click here for additional information or Call 888-584-0399
RonDino Promotions, Inc.
You haven't seen a discount card until you've seen ours! Simply the best full color discount card in the industry today. 27-businesses guaranteed ALL in your area. Satisfying customers since 1992. Please visit our website or call for information at 1-800-679-7333 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-800-679-7333      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.
Top School Fundraising Programs
Ultimate Fundraising Inc. has everything that your school needs to raise significant funds while offering your school community qaulity products that are easy to sell and profitable. Free information package available. Give us a call.
Up to 85% Profit on this Discount Card for Schools!
The Blue Heron Discount Card Program is designed to maximize the amount of return to your organization. Profits up to 80%. No inventory to stock. Business are never charged for their ads. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.